Sean Macken - Newtown Preselection


About Sean

Sean grew up in our area. He’s raising his family in Newtown and runs a business in Darlington.  He’s been active in the local community for 30 years and represented the community on Council for over 10 years. He’s one of us. One of the youngest in a very large family, he’s a community activist and fighter for social justice and our environment.

Why I’m Standing for Newtown

The Inner City is a great place to live and I love the area. But there are many things we need to improve and many services we need to protect.

  • We have great schools but overcrowding is a big issue. We need to ensure that every kid can access their local school by ensuring enough space is provided. That means more classrooms; not bigger class sizes.
  • I’ve campaigned for many years to improve housing affordability in Sydney. I have a track record in fighting for a Sydney that is inclusive and provides everyone with the basic right of an affordable home.
  • I’ve been an advocate of sustainable and accessible public transport. We can’t build ourselves out of traffic. Freeways and clearways won’t solve our problems. Our only long term solution to congestion problems is providing real alternatives to the car. Whether it’s better busses and trains, or more walkable and cyclable neighbourhoods.
  • Global warming is a happening before our eyes, yet many in our Government refuse to take it seriously or to take action on it. The only way we can change this situation is to put into Parliament people who have a track record fighting for ourenvironment.
  • Most importantly I want to rebuild Labor from the grass roots, and return the Labor Party to being a community-based organisation. I’ve been campaigning to make Labor a more democratic Party which gives the members a real say in how it operates and who gets to represent it. 

Get Involved.

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