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The State Policy Forum is part of the democratic decision-making processes of NSW Labor.


16 rank and file representatives, together with union colleagues and members of the NSW Labor Parliament Party, come together to debate and discuss the big policy issues facing NSW Labor.


Alongside the Policy Committees, the State Policy Forum reports to NSW Labor Annual Conference on its deliberations. At Annual Conference delegates representing all elements of the party make the final decisions about the policies of NSW Labor. 


All NSW Labor members are welcome to vote in the ballot for rank and file representatives for the State Policy Forum.


There are two constituencies for the ballot. One represents metropolitan areas and large regional centres, the other rural and country NSW. This has been done to ensure all members in NSW Labor have a chance to be heard on the State Policy Forum, with voices from the bush given a fair opportunity to contribute. 


If you are unsure which constituency you are in or have any questions please contact the State Policy Forum hotline on 0448 149 653 or email Jack Power on [email protected].