Is there a ballot in my local area?

The following FECs have contested ballots for National Conference Delegates:

  • Banks
  • Bennelong
  • Berowra
  • Blaxland
  • Bradfield
  • Calare
  • Cowper
  • Eden-Monaro
  • Farrer
  • Greenway
  • Hughes
  • Hume
  • Hunter
  • Lindsay
  • Mitchell
  • New England
  • North Sydney
  • Page
  • Parramatta
  • Reid
  • Richmond
  • Riverina
  • Robertson
  • Sydney
  • Warringah
  • Wentworth

If you are unsure of which Federal Electorate Council you are in, you can check here

How does online voting work?

Members with email addresses will receive an email from BigPulse that will provide a link to the voting site. Complete the verification fields to confirm your eligibility and then follow the instructions to vote.

The ballot is compulsory preferential. You must number every square.

What happens if I cannot access online voting?

If you are having difficulty voting online for some reason, please get in touch with Party Office and we can help you to resolve any issues. Please contact 0475 137 367 or email [email protected] .

Can the website be hacked?

The website is run by a company called BigPulse, who have run hundreds of online elections around the world. Their website is, where you can see the details of their security systems and examples of their previous elections.

Is my vote secret?

Yes. At no stage will anyone be able to identify how individuals specifically voted.

Postal ballots will be handled using the same confidentiality process as the Electoral Commission. The NSW Labor Rules provide a process for anonymising postal votes so that no information on how any individual voted will ever be revealed. The personal information on the declaration envelope is used only to determine whether you’re eligible to vote. Your blank ballot envelope will be separated from your declaration envelope before your vote is counted.

For online votes, the personal information you provide is again used only to determine your eligibility to vote. Once a vote has been deemed eligible, your vote is never linked back to your personal information.

I cannot vote online, how else can I vote?

If you do not have access to a computer, postal ballots can be issued only to those members unable to vote online. Please note that a completed ballot must be received at NSW Labor Party Office by 5pm on Monday 19 March 2018 in order to be counted. Postal ballots can only be requested by the individual to whom the ballot is issued.

Will my information be available to anyone else?

No - our contract with the independent election provider specifies that no third party will have access to any data.

Is it compulsory to vote?

This is not a compulsory process and you do not have to participate.

How will it be counted at the end?

At the close of the ballot, there will be an event at which appointed scrutineers can view the count. The ballot will be counted in accordance with Schedule H of the NSW Labor Rules which is available online at Candidates will be notified of the exact details of the count.

Additional information about voting?

A person is eligible to vote in the ballot if they:

(i)    Live in the electorate; and

(ii)   Have one year of continuous financial membership immediately prior to the date of calling for nominations.

The ballots will be conducted primarily by way of online voting through a third party. If a ballot is required for their Federal Electorate, members will receive an email with login details. Simply follow the prompts to lodge your vote.

Members without email addresses will be mailed a postal ballot. If you are unable to access the online voting mechanism, postal ballots are available upon request. To request a postal ballot, members should call 0475 137 367.

Voting will remain open for three weeks. Voters must number every square to ensure their vote is counted.

Where can I get more information?

Additional questions can be asked by contacting our hotline on 0475 137 367.