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Colin Drane

Colin was born and raised in the Banks electorate. He studied at Narwee Boys High and went on to study Electrical Engineering at TAFE. He has been employed as a technical officer at the Garden Island Dockyard, in Defence Quality Assurance and with the Department of Defence Naval Engineering Support.

Colin then went on to work for the Maritime Union of Australia (MUA) in their Sydney Office and has since begun working with the USU.
Colin has been an active member of the Party for over a decade, and is the current Secretary of Beverly Hills Branch – a position he has held for 8 years. He was a councillor on Hurstville City Council since 2012 before the Coalition’s forced amalgamations.

Warren Tegg

Warren is seeking your support to represent the members of Banks at the 2018 National Conference because he believes in a strong, progressive platform that ensures our party is ready to campaign and win the next election.

Warren believes we need a bold social contract with voters, built on detailed plans that will provide good jobs, fair taxation and growing economy so that we can provide the schools, hospitals and social services that Australian’s deserve.

While our eyes should remain fixed on winning government, he believes we should not neglect the need to improve our party to make it more democratic,representative and welcoming to new members. Our party has grown, but without more work to improve the role that members play, he believes we will never reach our full potential.

Warren has worked in public policy for over 10 years and been involved in campaigning for workers rights – including stopping cuts to penalty rates. Warren has served for two years on the NSW Labor Economics Policy Committee. Warren was elected as a councilor for Mortdale Ward of Georges River council last year and currently serves as the campaign manager for Banks FEC.

Lyndal Howison

Lyndal is a mum, union member, P&C member and proud a Branch member. Social justice has driven her politics and career. She believes inequality is at the heart of the Labor mission, with low wages growth and cost of living causing Australians to be left behind.

Lyndal has been a member of the ALP for more than a decade has served as a Councillor, ran as the candidate for Bennelong, represented the area as a State Conference delegate and fought for Labor in all the campaigns the area has contested together in Ryde and Bennelong. She currently is a member of the Labor Women’s Forum and the Bennelong FEC.

Lyndal manages Communications and Civic Education at the Whitlam Institute and was recently Chief of Staff for Senator Jenny McAllister. Previously, she has worked for 10 years in not-for-profits.

If elected to represent Bennelong at National Conference, Lyndal will be working to ensure that Labor’s plan to address inequality is strong, and will fight to stop the devastating erosion of workers’ rights. she will pursue party reforms to improve democratic representation at all levels, and will find new ways of engaging Labor supporters in our cause.

Peter Kim

As a Labor Councillor for Ryde City Council (West Ward), Peter has experience in fighting for the best results in the local community, Peter will take this experience to achieve the best results for local members at the National Conference in July.

Raising his family in West Ryde has shown Peter the importance of a strong education system. It has solidified his belief that only Labor can deliver a fantastic education for our children.

Through Peter’s work as a doctor in the local community, he has seen firsthand the devastating impact of the Coalition Government on the health system, he will be a strong voice to ensure Labor reaffirms its dedication to reversing the Liberal’s disturbing cuts to the local healthcare system.

Peter is extremely dedicated to the local Labor members and more broadly he has strong ties to the local community through his leadership in the Korean Community.

Peter’s experience and his deep understanding of the community makes him the best candidate to represent Bennelong FEC at the National ALP Conference.

Peter will fight for the local members interests at the National Conference.

Shannen Potter

Shannen believes the key issue at this National Conference will be how a future Labor government treats refugees. She believes that Labor should always put compassion for human beings first, and she is standing for Berowra National Conference Delegate to continue the fight so many of us believe in, for the ALP to adopt a fair and humane asylum seeker policy.

Shannen grew up in Westleigh, attended a local public high school, and enjoys living in our bushland community today. Shannen is an active member of our local Labor community, currently serving as Assistant Secretary of the Pennant Hills Branch, and as a delegate to Berowra FEC.

Shannen has also served as Young Labor Vice President for the past year. Shannen has run a year-long campaign to call on progressive MPs to publicly oppose detention on Manus Island and Nauru, and to change the ALP’s refugee policies for the better.

As your representative at National Conference, Shannen will continue this fight. Shannen pledges to introduce a motion at the Conference that the ALP oppose boat turnbacks and close Manus and Nauru.

With your support, Shannen will stand up for the humane, compassionate refugee policy we all believe in.

Joe Von Bornemann

Joe has been a union member, delegate and party member for most of his life. Joe has always fought for fair and just conditions. He believes that we all must participate to make improvements.

At National Conference Joe will not forget true Labor values. Joe will support, vote and fight for policies to make Australian society fairer, ensuring large multinationals and mining companies pay their fair share of taxes and royalties.

Policies that ensure the refugees are processed, not left to rot in so called processing centres and that our immigration is humanitarian, not based on lowering workers’ pay and conditions.

It is very important to support the setting up of the national ICAC to help ensure that politicians represent us. He believes their self-interests should be put aside.

Joe will support policies that government contracts and mining licences are given preference to Australian owned manufacturing and engineering businesses and to always prioritise Australian workers.

Joe believes our utilities should be owned by all Australians, not for increasing the profits of foreign multinationals.

Joe will vote for policies to support and improve universal health care and universal education.

Policies must be directed to support renewable and affordable energy.

Feel free to contact me at [email protected] or Ph 0415 829 839

Grant Lee

Grant Lee loves the Australian Labor Party and he loves his local community. That’s why he has spent the past 35 fighting for the services and policies that make life better for working people in Blaxland.

He has served as a Labor Councillor for 17 years and was honoured to be Mayor and Deputy Mayor of Bankstown.

He is asking for the support of our local branch members so he can work with them to be their voice at our National Conference and help make sure a Shorten Labor Government puts the best policies in place to make life better for people in our community.

Grant is a courier, a single Dad of a wonderful 10 year-old daughter and a dedicated unionist, so he knows that the decisions we make at National Conference are vital. He believes they shape the policies that will help Bill Shorten become Australia’s next Prime Minister. His personal and public service experience and the guidance of local branch members will help him make a contribution to that.

Grant has 35 years of continuous service in the ALP and he has seen a lot of change. It’s exciting that rank and file members now get a say at the highest decision-making body in our great Party. And there should be more of it. Branch members are the lifeblood of the ALP. And with their support Grant believes we can develop the best set of policies to get rid of this awful Turnbull Government

Anthony D'Adam

For the first time in Labor’s history members will have a direct say in who represents them at the Party’s National Conference.

The right to vote for conference delegate was won by decades of struggle by progressive party members across the country.

You can now use your vote to help finish the job of making our party democratic and accountable to its members. This next National Conference will decide whether our party is run by a small group of party insiders or whether members will decide who represents them and what Labor represents.

Anthony D’Adam stands for:
- Protecting rank and file preselections. Only members should decide who represents them in Parliament.
- Limiting the power of the National Executive to intervene in preselections.
- Expanding the direct election of conference delegates to state conferences so that members can decide who represents them at NSW State conferences.
- Barring Federal MPs from running as National Conference delegates. Anthony believes they already have a say on policy through caucus!
- A strong industrial relations policy that shifts the balance back in favour of workers and unions.
- Immediate recognition of Palestine by the next Labor Government. Anthony asks you to vote for a democratic, accountable and progressive Labor Party.

Georgie Slater

Georgie is asking for your support to be the Bradfield FEC Delegate to National Conference because she believes it is vital for our representative to have a fresh and energetic approach to achieving our member’s objectives.

As a young woman living through Malcolm Turnbull’s Prime Ministership, she feels constantly like this country could do so much better. She will fight for a strong Labor Party platform to counter Turnbull’s cuts to our local healthcare system and schools. She will utilise the experience and wisdom of our local Labor members in Bradfield gathered over many years, and for some decades, to best represent the interests of those who would entrust her to be their voice at National Conference.

As a young, progressive woman Georgie wants also to use her lived experience to bring a fresh energy to these important conversations. As the Women’s Officer at Macquarie University Labor, she has seen firsthand the devastating impact of Turnbull’s cuts to tertiary education and will fight for our party to take a strong stance on protecting higher education for all.

As an executive member of Rainbow Labor and as a member of Young Labor that has worked tirelessly on the by-elections, Georgie would be privileged to represent the members of Bradfield FEC at National Conference. Georgie feels extremely lucky and grateful to be surrounded by such progressive minds in an area where that can often be so uncommon.

Chris Haviland

Chris has nominated for National Conference Delegate for Bradfield. He was the Federal Labor MP for Macarthur from 1993 to 1996.

Chris is currently the President of Bradfield FEC, the Secretary of Hornsby Branch, and a member of the NSW Administrative Committee. He represented Bradfield at the last National Conference in 2015.

He is also the convenor of NSW Local Labor, a rank and file group committed to advocating for greater democratisation in the ALP, giving members more say in selecting our parliamentary representatives in both Upper and Lower Houses as well as our Party Officers.

Chris is a member of the Labor Environment Action Network (LEAN), Labor Action for Multiculturalism Policy (LAMP) and Labor for Refugees.

This year’s National Conference presents a crucial opportunity for the ALP to establish strong progressive policies as we prepare to defeat this appalling Liberal National Party Government.

As your Conference Delegate if elected, Chris will support:
• More action on climate change as proposed by LEAN
• A more humane and just policy for dealing with refugees
• Progressive measures to tackle growing inequality
• Restoring the fairness and balance to our industrial relations system
• More proactive policies promoting public education.
• Rejection of any weakening of anti-discrimination laws, and
• Rules changes allowing members a vote in Senate and Upper House preselections.

Please contact me on 0457 155499 or at [email protected] if you have any questions.

Bernard Fitzsimon

Bernard believes the 2018 National Conference will be the most crucial Conference for Labor since the current Federal Government assumed office.

It will be a most timely opportunity for ensuring that the policies and programmes which most benefit the voters of rural and regional Australia are included in Labor’s platform for the next Federal election.

Bernard is putting his hand up to be your National Conference delegate for the electorate of Calare.

Bernard has been a resident of the Calare electorate for 54 years and a life long supporter of Labor since he was old enough to vote. On two recent occasions Bernard has been the Labor Party candidate for the State seat of Orange.

Bernard also held positions in the Orange Branch and is a founding member of the Central West Community Union Alliance.

The role of trade unions in Labor politics is a concept Bernard is committed to and he has been a life long trade union member and is currently a member of the CFMEU. Trade unions are our touchstone to the wider community.

Bernard believes that regional and rural Australia has been neglected under the current government and our communities are suffering as a consequence. Our young people are being denied a future.

Bernard is asking for your support in the candidates ballot in order to ensure that the social protections Labor espouses, and which we all hold dear, are given a high priority in the formulation of Labor policy leading into the next Federal election.

Sue West

Sue was born and has lived most of life in the Central West of NSW. Sue has been an active member of the ALP for more than 40 years. She has held a range of Branch, SEC, FEC, State, National, Policy Committee and International positions. Sue has been a union member all her working life.

As a former nurse, Sue maintains a keen interest in health and welfare issues especially as they relate to services in rural areas and is involved as a consumer representative with a number of health-related committees.

Sue was the first female Senator for NSW and Deputy President of the Senate. This privilege makes her very conscious of her responsibility to work hard for the ALP to ensure others can represent our great party in public office. Sue remains an active volunteer for the ALP and many community organisations.

As a rural person Sue’s concern is that ALP policy developed at National Conference will address the needs of those who live in Calare - the need for employment and industry, suitable housing, access to quality health and education, addressing the cost of energy and increasing the use of renewable energy and a commitment to social justice issues and a fair days pay for a fair days work.

Paul Sekfy

Paul is seeking your support to be Cowper’s delegate to National Conference.

Paul has been an active member of Labor in Cowper since 1986, and a delegate to Cowper FEC since 1989. Paul has been the Cowper FEC President and is currently the Secretary. Paul has contested five federal elections as Labor’s candidate for Cowper, coming close in 2007. Paul is a member of the NSW Labor Administrative Committee and has sat on the Health Policy Committee, has been Deputy Chair of NSW Country Labor and a delegate to NSW State Conference since 1989.

Paul has always supported progressive policies, including democratic reform, a greater say for members and strong links to unions to protect working people. Paul works in social justice and community inclusion in our area.

As your delegate, Paul will advocate to address growing inequality; protect penalty rates; increase Youth Allowance; improve environmental laws including taking action on climate change, and ensure regional development. Paul will fight against the ABCC, the Carmichael mine, boat turn-backs, offshore detention, nuclear power and cashless welfare.

At this National Conference, members have the ability to make great progressive change for our party and the country. It would be an honour for Paul to represent you at this conference.

Kristy Quill

Kristy was born in the Northern Territory in 1974 and moved into the local area with her family in 1982. She completed most of Primary and High School in Kempsey. After her HSC, she moved to Port Macquarie to complete an Associate Diploma in Tourism and Hospitality at the Port Macquarie College of TAFE and lived and worked in Port Macquarie for more than a decade. She has also lived in Sydney, Melbourne, England, Northern Ireland and Paraguay working in various industries. Her work experience includes Hospitality, Remedial Massage, Administration, Banking, Volunteer and Sales both in Australia and overseas.

Kristy has been living back home in Kundabung, located between Kempsey and Port Macquarie, for the last 6 years as she is currently a full time carer for her mother. She is has also commenced a Bachelor of Business majoring in economics online through the University of New England.

Kristy is currently serving the Port Macquarie Branch as Vice President and Assistant Secretary. She is a Cowper FEC Junior Vice President and is a delegate to the Oxley SEC. She was also the Country Labor Candidate for the Seat of Port Macquarie at the last state elections.

Kate Stewart

Kate Stewart is a country girl at heart having lived in rural and regional New South Wales most of her life.

Kate is running for National Conference Delegate to ensure that as many voices as possible, from as many parts of Eden-Monaro as possible are heard.

Kate currently represents regional, rural and remote women in the New South Wales Women’s Forum; is Secretary of LEAN Capital Region; and was the 2016 Country Labor Candidate for the Federal Division of Parkes.

Mike Kelly

Mike is the Member for Eden-Monaro and the Shadow Assistant Minister for Defence Industry, and a former Minister for Defence Materiel.

Mike currently sits on the Shadow National Security Committee, he is a member of the bi-partisan Parliamentary Joint Committee on Intelligence and Security, and he is the Co-Convener of the bi-partisan Parliamentary Friends of Suicide Prevention group.

Mike began his career fighting for the rights of injured workers and campaigning for those suffering from asbestos related diseases in Sydney. In 1987 he joined the Army and has extensive military experience including serving in a number of international operational deployments including Bonsia Herzegovina and Croatia, Somalia, East Timor and Iraq. In Government he also worked on Afghanistan transition.

Mike is a leading expert on peace and stabilisation operations, post conflict reconstruction and counter-insurgency. He has a PhD in related fields, published two books, numerous articles, and has been a regular speaker at military training programs and conferences around the world.

With over 170 years of family tradition in this region, Eden-Monaro is in Mike’s blood. He is passionate about renewable energy, the need to act on Climate Change and a strong advocate for veterans and the interests of rural and regional Australia within the Labor Party and Parliament.

Mike lives in Queanbeyan with his wife Shelly.

Michael Pilbrow

Michael Pilbrow is a member of the Yass Valley Branch.

In 2015, as one of the few delegates to National Conference not bound to a faction, Michael was pleased to play a role in the rule change to give all party members a vote in electing delegates to future conferences. He made a speech to the Conference and was thrilled when the motion was passed by one vote. He is excited now that ALP members in Eden-Monaro are empowered to elect a local member delegate to the 2018 Conference.

If elected as your delegate, Michael commits to do what he did in 2015 and consult members before the Conference to hear your thoughts on the issues on the agenda. He will take your views into account as he considers each issue at Conference on its merits. He will be accountable to you, the members.

Michael brings to this nomination his 20-year volunteer involvement in the party, including branch, electorate council and campaign roles. He also brings his life experience with community, business, unions, international affairs and as a passionate advocate of an inclusive economy, in particular through practical action to establish cooperative businesses.

Darren Cameron

Darren Cameron grew up in Albury, attending Aquinas Christian Brothers College (now Xavier High).

A diverse career has seen him work as a soldier in the regular army from 1984 to 1990, then as a postman, Wardsman and Cleaner at the Albury Base Hospital, then as a construction worker, Government Relations Manager and Workcover Inspector and as a union official with the AWU and USU. In 1995 he was the first ALP endorsed candidate to be elected to Albury Council and is currently in his third term.

Darren has been active in the union movement since leaving the Army and has been an Official of the AWU in NSW and Victoria and an Organiser with the USU. Darren joined the ALP in 1992 and has been an active member in Farrer for twenty six years, having contested two State and three Local Government elections. Darren has also been the Campaigns Director of nine State and Federal Campaigns in Farrer and Albury.

Darren in passionately committed to both the role of unions and Country people in the ALP and currently sits on the Country Labor Committee.

Max Buljubasic

Max Buljubasic is seeking support from all members of the Australian Labor Party living in Farrer, to become their voice at the next ALP National Conference which will be held this July in Adelaide.
Max has spent nine years, as a member of the Griffith Branch, He has been Secretary of the Griffith Branch, President of Murray SEC and President of Farrer FEC. Max was the candidate for NSW Country Labor in the seat of Murray at 2015 election.

Max is familiar with the issues that affect people in rural and regional NSW. Max is ready to fight for better public health, education, transport and social services in the electorate of Farrer where an incoming federal Labor government, must invest substantially to overcome massive shortfalls from the NSW Coalition government in the last 6 years. Lack of services in many rural and regional parts of NSW, including in the electorate of Farrer is a burning issue and needs to be addressed on the floor of the next ALP National Conference.

If elected Delegate from Farrer Max will also raise issues of corporate tax avoidance and Australian sovereign debt which is raising rapidly, as well as inequality and social justice issues and urgent need for major tax reform in Australia.

Ron Alder

Ron Alder has been a member of our community for his whole life and is passionate about fighting to ensure that Western Sydney gets its fair share. He has been a Quakers Hill and District Branch member since 1986 and served as President for 15 years. He has also served as the President of the Riverstone SEC since 1991 and has been an active FEC delegate since 1991.

He also served as a Councillor on Blacktown City Council from 1998 to 2008 and is a proud of Labor’s work to improve our local amenities and infrastructure. As the Greenway FEC delegate to ALP National Conference, Ron hopes to take the same hardworking attitude to Adelaide to ensure that our Party can continue to deliver for our community into the future.

Ron is also the recipient of a McKell award.

Susai Benjamin

Susai Benjamin is a NSW public servant for nearly 30 years. He presently works with the NSW Department of Finance, Services and Innovation in Parramatta. Susai is very experienced in policy development and able to articulate issues well.

As a solicitor, he has helped hundreds of people in Western Sydney on a pro bono basis. He established Toongabbie Legal Centre (TLC), a free community legal service in the heart of Western Sydney for the vulnerable people of the area. He is the honorary director of this service. The service formally started on 13 October 2007.

Susai served as a member of the Australian Multicultural Advisory Council (AMAC) constituted by the Australian Government which recommended a Multicultural Policy for Australia.
Susai joined the ALP late in 1990 and has served as the President of Local Government Committee (Blacktown), President of SEC (Toongabbie), President of FEC (Parramatta & Greenway), President of Toongabbie Branch. He has served on several Policy Committees of the NSW State Branch. He has been a delegate to State and National conferences in the past.

He is currently serving his second term as a Councillor on Blacktown City Council.

Ethan Monaghan

Ethan Monaghan is a 20 year-old Western Sydney University law student with maturity and experience beyond his years. He lives in Hughes and went to school locally. He’s a former fast food worker and has been employed in casual or part time work since fourteen years of age.

He believes the Party’s policy must focus on issues such as, stagnating wages, the erosion of hard won workplace rights and conditions, the exploitation of young and migrant workers, housing affordability, and climate change. These are issues that we all face but are pronounced for young people.

Ethan is well-grounded in Labor history, traditions and committed to the values of our Party. Part of this commitment means being an active member of his local Branch, a hardworking candidate in an unwinnable position in the 2016 Liverpool Council elections, Secretary of Liverpool-Banks Young Labor Association, Secretary of Liverpool Local Government Committee, and relentlessly campaigning for local Party candidates and other social issues.

Ethan believes this dedication by Party members drives our Party. That’s why the membership must be the centre of the Party’s policy making and politics. This, and learning and participating in solutions adopted at Conference is what Ethan wants to achieve.

Maryanne Stuart

Maryanne Stuart is Labor’s candidate for Heathcote in the 2019 State Election, continuing on her work at the 2015 State Election which saw an 11.5% swing toward Labor.

Maryanne attended St. John Bosco Primary and High Schools, finished her schooling at St. Patrick’s Sutherland and studied at TAFE.

Maryanne has lived in the area for 46 years and is now raising two children in Woronora Heights with her husband, Russell. She is an active member of her church, and has been involved in local sports clubs, playing and coaching local Netball teams.

She is a long-term Labor member and trade unionist holding various positions over the years – delegate to State Conference, organiser, and is currently the Secretary of the Yarrawarrah Branch. She previously has worked at the RTBU, the ACTU and currently works for the PSA.

Maryanne has a proven track-record of fighting for Labor values including protecting penalty rates and fighting for schools, hospital and TAFE funding – a fight she will continue as your delegate to National Conference from Hughes FEC.

Craig Sheahan

Craig is nominating to be a delegate so he can fight for the rights of workers in our community. Craig lives in Appin and has been working on the wharves for 22 years. Craig’s wife is a primary school teacher and they are proud to raise their kids in this community. Craig wants to see our party focus more on regional communities like ours and ensure our kids have the best possible opportunities available to them.

Craig is passionate about TAFE and public education funding, a real transition to renewables and keeping public assets in public hands. Craig has been a Maritime Union of Australia member his entire working life and wants Labor to keep up the fight for workers. Craig stands for economic equality for all people and strong rights for people at work.

Craig was recently appointed as President of the Wollondilly Branch knows the party needs to listen to the voices of rank and file members like us. At Conference, Craig will fight for reforms to our internal democracy that will see local branch members have more say in how our party is run.

Ursula Stephens

Ursula is based in Goulburn NSW, in the heart of the Hume electorate. Ursula is currently the President of the Hume FEC and has been a delegate to state and national conferences for many years, helping to shape strong Labor policies. In the Federal Parliament Ursula was Parliamentary Secretary for Social Inclusion to both Kevin Rudd and Julia Gillard, leading Labor's policy work on reforms to the non-profit sector, and the formation of the Australian Charities Commission. On leaving Parliament in 2014, Ursula was Labor's candidate in the state seat of Goulburn in 2015, achieving a swing of 20.2%, the highest swing in the state, and made Goulburn marginal for the first time.

Ursula is active in her local community, serving on the Boards of the Goulburn Regional Conservatorium, Community Plus Inc, a local charity, and the Southern Tablelands Community Foundation. Ursula is also the Independent Chair of the Code Authority for the Fundraising Institute of Australia and of the Australian Blindness Forum.

Proudly an Irish Australian, Ursula was born in Wicklow, and was honoured to be named among the top 100 Influential Irish Australians in 2014.

Ursula joined the Labor Party in 1975 and was elected as NSW Party President in 2001, the first woman to achieve that honour. – In 2016 Ursula was appointed NSW Labor Ombudsman until 2017, and has served on numerous NSW and National policy committees, the NSW Administrative Committee, the National Executive and currently as the Goulburn SEC Secretary. Ursula was awarded life membership, alongside her husband, Bob in 2016.

Ursula’s nomination as the National Conference delegate for Hume comes with a passion to see Federal Labor win a decisive victory in 2019.

Roger McIntyre

Roger is currently President of the Camden Branch and a Camden branch delegate to the Hume FEC. The highlight of Roger’s presidency to date is helping the branch successfully deliver three councillors to Camden Council. He is proud that this is the first time Labor has achieved Council representation on Camden Council and Camden Labor Councillors are fighting the good fight every day against a conservative controlled Council. Now the branch’s focus has turned to winning back the Camden state seat for NSW Labor, with the wonderful, energetic and popular Sally Quinnell.

Roger was born in Melbourne and was raised in country Victoria. He attended Horsham Technical college until the age of 17 when he joined the Army. Professionally Roger has worked in the telecommunications industry for 28 years, delivering projects such as the original HFC networks as a project manager for Leighton Holdings and as recently as a Construction Project Manager manager on the NBN. Roger is a country person at heart and has resided in Camden since 2003 where he and his wife moved to start a family.

Roger wishes to represent Hume branch members at the 2018 National Conference so he can participate in conference discussions and motions, specifically in relation to the concerns of the Hume electorate but also regarding appropriate party democratisation and effective policy outcomes.

Kim Weller

Kim is a rank and file member of the Australian Labor Party who believes that encouraging more rank and file representation at National Conference will help to build a more democratic party.

She is seeking your support to become Hunter’s rank and file Delegate to National Conference, to advocate on your behalf, for issues which I know are of concern to you.

1. Promoting more say for all rank and file members in elections for our Houses of Review - the NSW Legislative Council and the Australian Senate.
2. Establishing a sustainable energy policy based on alternative sources which is secure and reliable.
3. Putting in place a humane asylum seeker policy, while resolving the current crisis.
4. Adopting procedures for a more ethically driven and transparent Labor Party.
5. Advocating self-determination for first nations through negotiated treaties.

Kim looks forward to your support, as a rank and file representative for Hunter at National Conference 2018.

Joel Fitzgibbon

During his 22 years as the Federal Member for Hunter, Joel Fitzgibbon has held a number of shadow ministerial positions including Mining, Energy & Forestry, Defence, Assistant Treasurer, Banking and Financial Services, Small Business and Competition, and Tourism.

In Government, Joel served as Minister for Defence and Minister for Agriculture, Fisheries and Forestry. He also served as Chief Government Whip and chaired the Joint Standing Committee on Foreign Affairs, Defence and Trade.

Joel is currently the Shadow Minister for Agriculture, Fisheries and Forestry and Shadow Minister for Rural and Regional Australia. In these portfolios, Joel is a fierce advocate for Country Australia to ensure that country people get their fair share. Joel is also the founder of, and spokesperson for the Country Caucus, a group of Federal Labor MPs and Senators dedicated to promoting the interests of rural and regional Australia.

He is driven to champion issues of importance to the Hunter and regional communities as well as providing a strong voice for country people and will continue this fight at the 2018 National Conference. Joel lives in Cessnock in the Hunter Valley with his wife Dianne, who was elected a Cessnock City Councillor in 2016. They have three adult children.

Prue Car

Prue Car has been the State Member for Londonderry since 2015, delivering a 14.2% swing toward Labor.

Prue was born and bred in Western Sydney and is now raising her family locally. Prue was a Councillor on Penrith City Council where, with the support of local residents, she led our community’s campaign to stop the Liberals dumping radioactive waste in our area.

Prue was appointed NSW Shadow Minister for Skills where she has the important role of fighting the Coalition’s cuts to TAFE.

With your support, Prue can take up the fight to National Conference for a better deal for our community.

Peter Anderson

• Joined ALP (Waverley Branch) 1962 (Life Member 2003)
• Delegate NSW ALP Youth Council (Senior Vice President 1966, Delegate Inaugural National ALP Youth Conference 1971
• Transferred Emu Plains Branch 1971. Branch President, Delegate FEC (Secretary); SEC (President); Municipal Committee (President); Delegate State and Conference
• ALP Candidate Nepean 1976
• Elected Penrith Council 1977-1983 (Deputy Mayor 1977-1978)
• Councillor Prospect County Council 1977-1980 (Chairman 1977-1978)
• Seconded from NSW Police Force to Personal Staff of Minister for Justice Ron Mulock 1977-1978
• State Member for Nepean and Penrith 1978-1988. Member for Liverpool 1989-1995
• Minister for Police and Emergency Services, Minister Assisting the Premier, Youth and Community Services, Aboriginal Affairs and Health 1981-1988
• Shadow Minister for Police and Emergency Services 1989-1994
• NSW Public Service 1965-1966. Branch Delegate Public Service Association
• NSW Police Force 1967-1977. Branch Secretary NSW Police Association
• 2005-2013 Director and Professor Centre for Policing, Intelligence and Counter Terrorism Macquarie University
• Since 2014 Adjunct Professor Western Sydney University
• Board member since 1995 of the Joan Sutherland Performing Arts Centre (now Penrith Performing and Visual Arts) comprising The Joan, Penrith Regional Gallery, Penrith Conservatorium of Music and Q Theatre. (Chairman since 2004)
• 2003 made “Honoured Citizen of Penrith” by Penrith City Council

Tony Hay

Australia needs the Labor Party in Government more now than in any recent time. Tony believes the National Conference is the venue to finalising our campaign policies to take to the Australian people in the next Federal Election.

As a Mitchell resident of over 30 years, Tony is asking for your support to be our National Conference delegate, to represent Mitchell at this important time in our history.

Tony believes he has the credentials that demonstrate a lifelong commitment to Labor and our values. He has been President of the Mitchell Federal Electorate Council for over 20 years and served as the Hills Branch President for 19 years.

Tony has represented Labor locally for the past 25 years as our candidate contesting a total of 8 State and Local Government elections, Tony has strongly represented our Party and our values.

As an elected Councillor since 2004 and as the first Labor Mayor of The Hills Shire Council in over a hundred years, Tony knows what it takes to earn the support of the broader community.

He was elected President of the Western Sydney Regional Organisation of Councils because of his knowledge and advocacy of the issues impacting our region. He has been one of the longest serving Presidents in that role, in a region that covered 11 Western Sydney Councils & 2.3 million residents.

Immanuel Selvaraj

Immanuel welcomes the Labor Party’s decision to open the election of FEC delegates to National Conference to a ballot of rank and file members.
Immanuel believes Rank and File members should have more of a say in electing these representatives. He believes it will result in electing representatives with more experience within industry and the corporate world. He believes the decision making process within the party will be better for it.

By nominating for this position in the seat of MitchelI Immanuel hopes to open the decision making process to the Rank and File. He has strived to empower our Rank and File members over the last 10 years by twice contesting to be the Federal candidate for the seat of Mitchell – unsuccessfully.

David Ewings

David lives in Scone with his fiancé Bec and served in the Royal Australian Air Force as part of the International Coalition against Terrorism in the Middle East. David previously worked as a coal miner and in the steel industry and understands the pressure that our local communities are under.

David has fought against Barnaby Joyce twice, first during the 2016 Federal Election, as well as during the recent New England By-Election where local branch members and supporters were able to increase Labor’s margin significantly.

Having travelled throughout the New England Electorate during these campaigns, David has had the opportunity to meet with local branch members, supporters and community members to see first hand what our community faces, David will be a strong advocate for Country NSW during National Conference.

Debra O'Brien

Debra is nominating to be a delegate so she can take progressive New England values to ALP National Conference. She knows the community and is Armidale. Branch President, Northern Tablelands SEC President and a Labor Councillor on Armidale Regional Council.

As the Chair of Council’s Community Well-Being Committee, she represents local services for marginalised groups, like the refugee community and Indigenous youth. In all of her work she focuses on progressive causes that develop opportunities for those with obstacles to full participation in our communities.

This includes rural people, who face real discrimination in health, education, jobs and telecommunications.

She will fight for Labor to increase its focus on New England, for all those who have been flying the red flag in National Party country for decades and are consistently ignored by the elitist policies of the conservatives.

Debra is committed to giving more power to the rank and file members of our party. The way to increase the membership that we need to fight the Nationals is to give more power to the people. The True Believers on the ground should be making more of the decisions. She is committed to that fight at Conference.

Glenda Gartrell

Glenda has lived in the Willoughby electorate since the 1970s and has been an active member of the ALP for the majority of that time. She has held branch executive roles, organised many local community and ALP events and worked for the NSW Premier and other NSW ministers.

Largely due to her initiatives the region now has a highly valued heritage and conservation rating including participation by householders in the National Trust Heritage Week. To revive the local Progress Association Glenda started a suburb-wide newsletter which continues today as a well-read publication. Glenda is a key contact for a large number of people in the area, especially for matters relating to local government.

Glenda has two voluntary jobs. She is a research assistant at the Emergency Department Research and Education Unit at North Shore Hospital and she teaches ethics at Artarmon Public School.

Recently, she organised two successful public forums to raise awareness on the conditions in our local public schools and energy security, respectively.

Glenda has volunteered for Labor in every local, state and federal election since the early 1970s. For over 40 years she has flown the ALP flag in our Liberal held electorate.

Kirk McKenzie

Kirk has held many positions within the Party including(currently): President of North Sydney Branch; Secretary/ Treasurer of North Sydney FEC and North Shore SEC; and Chair of Our Economic Future Policy Committee (NSW Economic Policy Committee).

Kirk is also involved in various community organisations including (currently): Executive member, NSW Society of Labor Lawyers, member (and former Chair) of the Human Rights Committee, Law Society of NSW, and Member of Human Rights Committee of the Law Council of Australia (the national peak body of the legal profession).

Kirk has a long-standing involvement in economic and legal policy formulation. He is eager to ensure that Labor’s economic policy retains a focus on full employment, reversing rising inequality (in particular by preventing tax evasion by, and tax cuts for, wealthy interests) and giving support to organised labour to increase real incomes.

In the legal area, Kirk is a strong supporter of a Charter of Rights and Responsibilities similar to the Victorian Charter (and as recently announced by the current Qld Labor government).

Issues needing action include the indefinite detention of asylum seekers and Indigenous inequality. As a delegate to the last National Conference, he declined to support a policy of “turning back” boats.

Lastly, Kirk relies on a record of work for the party including as a former Candidate and campaign director locally.

Christine Robertson

Christine Robertson has been a member of the NSW Branch of the Australian Labor Party since 1980.

During that time, she has served as Secretary and President at local Branch level and SEC level. She has been a campaign director for both Federal and State candidates and served on many campaign teams.

As a member of the Rural and Provincial Affairs committee which devolved into Country Labor she also served as the Secretary and Chair from 1983 until 2003 when she entered the NSW Legislative Council. She was also on the NSW Labor Administrative Committee from 1995 until 2003 as a country member.

Christine has represented Country NSW Labor at State Conference since 1984 and at National Conference since 1991. Christine believes that the Page electorate must have good solid policy in the next Federal Labor Government. Access to Health, Education, Housing, the right to a job and the National’s destruction and total lack of direction must be addressed by our policies.

Labor party members in the Page electorate need a strong experienced voice at the National Conference in 2018. Christine Robertson can deliver this.

Patrick Deegan

Patrick is a grassroots Labor person and has been an active member of Country Labor in the Page electorate for over six years. During that time, he has been actively involved in State and Federal campaigns. Door knocking, attending stalls, fundraising, organising and running booths and making phone calls. In 2014 Patrick was a key person in the formation of the Richmond Valley Branch when he saw the need for this area to once again have a Labor branch after a lapse of over 10 years. Patrick has been branch Secretary and has moved and supported many motions that have been successfully put to State and Federal conferences.

For the past two years he has have been Junior Vice President of the Page FEC.

This active involvement in the Labor cause has motivated him to announce that he will also be nominating for pre-selection to represent Country Labor in the Page electorate at the next Federal election.

Patrick is experienced in speaking publicly, through his role as a Union Representative within the Public Service and having presented to district conferences in his current employment with the Social Futures. He is confident he can successfully represent the people in the branches of the Page electorate at the National Conference. He believes it’s time for a new approach and fresh representation for Page at National Conference.

Janelle Saffin

Janelle Saffin has been an active member of the Lismore Branch of the Australian Labor Party since 1984.
Janelle has served the party and the public in numerous party positions including Secretary, President, Vice President, SEC Delegate, FEC Delegate, President of the Page FEC for ten years and also as a proud Labor member of the NSW Legislative Council and Federal Member for Page.

Janelle has worked hard at building up the local branches including increasing our standing in the community and demonstrating that the Australian Labor Party can best represent country communities in State and Federal Parliament.

Janelle’s efforts through the party saw her successfully develop and work to implement public policy in such areas as the prohibition of CSG mining, regional domestic violence coordinators, a farm gate price for dairy farmers, the upgrade of the Pacific Highway and support for Libraries, to name a few.

Janelle left school at 13 years of age and took advantage of educational opportunities to achieve teaching and law qualifications, made possible by the great Gough Whitlam and Labor values.

It is these values that drew Janelle to the Australian Labor Party. These same values, not only inspire her but provide her with a foundation in her actions and in everything she does. As the Page FEC delegate to National Conference, she will continue to actively promote and advance these Labor values, with your support.

Joanna Devine

Pierre Esber

Pierre Esber is a Councillor on the City of Parramatta Council. Pierre was first elected to the former Parramatta City Council in 1999 and has continuously served the city in which he was born, educated and raised, with distinction. He was elected Deputy Lord Mayor of Parramatta in 2001 and 2008.

Pierre first joined the Australian Labor Party in 1992 and was elected President of the Rydalmere Branch in 1998, a position he still holds today. He has held many positions including President of Parramatta Municipal Committee, a member for the State Electoral Council and Delegate to Parramatta Federal Electoral Council. In 2003 Pierre was a candidate for the NSW Upper House, a Senate candidate in 2007 and was the State ALP Candidate for the Seat of Parramatta in 2011.

Pierre is an active member of the Parramatta community and is a Patron of the Parramatta Swimming Club and Rydalmere Bowling club. He is a lifelong supporter of the Parramatta Eels and a fan of the Western Sydney Wanderers.

Angelo Tsirekas

Angelo has nominated for delegate to Labor’s National Conference in Adelaide and he is seeking your support for his nomination as delegate for Reid.

A ballot of Party members for national conference delegates will take place from Monday 26 February to Monday 19 March 2018.

It’s at National Conference that the policy platform will be set ahead of the next Federal election.

Across the diverse communities of Reid, there are many common concerns: health, education (schools, TAFE and university) and housing affordability, particularly here in the inner west.

Angelo has been honoured to have served as a community leader for more than two decades. Angelo knows our community well and would welcome the opportunity to represent you at National Conference. Here’s a little more about Angelo: Current Mayor, City of Canada Bay (for 14 years), Councillor, City of Canada Bay (22 years), Current Vice President (Metro), NSW Local Government Association, Current President, Five Dock ALP branch, ALP candidate for Reid in the 2016 federal election, Former President of Reid FEC and Drummoyne SEC, Lifetime Resident of the Inner West.

Angelo has qualifications in environmental health and building and is passionate about building communities for all through better planning and design.

Over the next few weeks Angelo will be contacting you to discuss your views on the future of our party and its policy platform.

Helen Westwood

Helen Believes it is critically important for Australia’s future that a Labor Government is elected at the next Federal election. The 48th National Labor Conference will set our Party’s policies and agenda for that election
– we must get this right.

She is standing to be a delegate to this Conference because she wants ALP members in Reid to have a strong and passionate voice on the floor of this important Labor Conference.

Helen is an active Party member with over 30 years’ membership and is currently Secretary of Sefton Labor Branch. Helen is a proud unionist and member of the ASU.

In addition to her Party activism she has a record of community activism on local issues, disability services, women’s rights and workers’ rights. She has campaigned strongly against domestic violence and for the provision of support services for vulnerable people in our community.

If elected Helen will stay true to Labor principles - she will support policies and measures that:
• Decrease inequality and discrimination;
• Protect and expand the rights of workers;
• Address climate change and expand investment in renewable energy
• Ensure humane and respectful treatment of refugees
• Increase the rights of rank and file party members to elect our Party’s leadership, preselect Labor candidates and determine policies.

Justine Elliot

As the Federal Member for Richmond, Justine is proud to be nominating as your delegate to National Conference. She has had the honour of representing the people of Richmond in Federal Parliament since 2004.

Justine and her husband Craig have raised their two children Alex and Joe here in our region. Living on the beautiful NSW North Coast for the past 27 years has given Justine a powerful understanding of the challenges, and of the people that call our electorate home.

Justine holds strong Labor values and will always stand up for the things that matter to locals: compassion for the vulnerable and disadvantaged, fighting for fairness and social justice, protecting penalty rates and local jobs, keeping taxes lower for ordinary people, protecting Medicare and schools, keeping the Northern Rivers CSG free and building a strong regional economy that delivers for all.

Justine believes our agenda should always be winning government and our community can’t risk the harsh and out of touch Nationals and Liberals and together we need to stand firm in the face of the recklessness of The Greens. That’s why Justine is putting herself forward as your delegate to National Conference to ensure we build on policies which result in Labor holding Richmond and wining more Federal and State seats for the benefit of all Australians.

Neville Newell

No one wants to see Australia inflicted with another term of conservative Government. Labor has to be determined to go to the next Federal Election with updated policies appealing to the majority of Australians. These changes will only come about if the grassroots or rank and file members like you are prepared to ensure the required small change starts here in Richmond.

Neville believes we are in the Labor party because of our commitment to social justice, Indigenous affairs and the environment, just to name a few.

Rank and file members won the opportunity for us to vote directly for the delegates we send to National Conference.

With experience in politics and a background in agriculture (yes it does also involve the environment if it is to be sustainable) Neville feels he has the necessary background to evaluate policy proposals and contribute to a more appealing National Policy Platform.

Tim Kurylowicz

Tim has campaigned relentlessly for Labor around the Riverina for five years.

As well as being a regular spokesperson on Federal issues for local media, Tim has led campaigns on school funding, health provision, NBN and palliative care across the region.Tim doesn’t just campaign against the Nats – he has a track record of advancing good policy outcomes for our region within the Labor party too.

He was instrumental in the push for better campaign funding for Country Labor seats. At the 2017 NSW Labor Conference, his motion calling for the party to commit a set amount to ‘unheld’ Federal campaigns was adopted by the conference, and will dramatically improve the capacity of country branches to win back our seats for Labor.

As President of the Wagga Wagga Branch in 2017, he encouraged a strong focus on policy development, and this saw the Branch advance 5 policy motions to State Conference. By advocating sensible solutions to local problems, the Wagga Branch was able to see the majority of these motions adopted by NSW Labor. Tim is passionate about getting the policy details right and, if elected will be working hard to get the best outcomes for this region.

Charlie Sheehan

Charlie ran as the Country Labor candidate in the 2015 NSW State Election for the new seat of Cootamundra. The National candidate was the then minister for Primary Industry Katrina Hodgkinson. With a very small budget and the help and support of friends and Labor members, he ran a strong campaign on local issues, particularly drawing focus on the ‘Fit for the Future’ local government reforms and the possibility of forced mergers of our councils. The local Labor branches were proud of the result taking almost 10% off the Nationals, and for the first time in over 30 years reversed the trend of losing ground in elections to The Nationals.

Charlie ran again last October in the by-election brought about by Katrina Hodgkinson’s resignation. This time the Cootamundra campaign had great support from Young Labor and Party Office. We had a tremendous result locally with 80% and 56% of primary votes in Gundagai and Cootamundra respectively. Charlie had just been elected to the Cootamundra Gundagai Regional Council, He was humbled by that personal vote of confidence that showed many people had voted Labor for the first time.

Charlie is Country Labor, He stands by Labor values and stands for equality and opportunity. Something he believes rural and regional people struggle for.

Kyle MacGregor

Kyle has lived on the Central Coast his entire life and is proud to have grown up in a working-class home. He has held various rank and file and executive positions during my time in the ALP and Union movement. He currently works as a teacher and was recently elected as an ALP Councillor with a 10% swing to Labor in my ward.

Federal Labor must take a policy programme to the next election that unites Australia, focuses on the rectification of the nefarious Liberal economic and social agenda of the Abbott/Turnbull years and has real vision taking our nation forward together in these tumultuous and uncertain times.

Labor must lead Australia into the future with a policy programme that clearly articulates our collective values, our social democratic philosophy and our vision for our nation. With the right policies and advocates fighting for them together we can help elect a Labor Government that will leave a lasting legacy for all Australians in the 21st century.

Emma Murphy

Emma Murphy supports this democratic process to ensure that we as members have a say in who represents us.

Emma’s values were instilled in her by her Dad. She grew up joining him on picket lines and watching him fight for his workers as a union offical - she saw why we need to fight for fairness, equality, opportunity, a safe workplace and a strong safety net for all. Emma has always been driven by those values, and since she joined the Labor Party 24 years ago she has dedicated her work and volunteer life to the Labor Party. She is raising two young children on the Central Coast and Emma knows that properly funded education is key to ensuring everyone has the opportunity to live productive, happy and healthy lives.

The Wallarah II Mine is a terrible threat to our local water supply and the community is ready to fight. Emma will support a motion at National Conference that puts an end to this mine under the next Federal Labor Government.

Emma wants to represent the views of the rank and file at our National Conference and would be honoured to be elected as your delegate.

David Abrahams

David welcomes the opportunity to present himself as your conference delegate candidate.

David has had a decade of campaigning on the NBN, locally & nationally, as ex-Chair & co-founder Youth Connections, and as the voice behind ‘Digital Discussions’ on ABC Radio.

David works in the area of technology research. He regards himself as a bridge builder. Working within Labor & dozens of community organisations; P&Cs, Sporting Clubs, Churches, NfPs, recently co-lead Gosford Waterfront Alliance. David is a member of Hardys Bay branch, currently Assistant Secretary & active delegate to the FEC, SEC & LGC.

David has actively supported Labor’s candidates for 19 years, most recently during the last Local Government & State by-election & Federal campaigns.

Most of all David is deeply committed to my local community, fighting for opportunities for families, young and old, against regimes of exclusion and greed.

If elected to conference he will work hard for you, he will listen to you, all of you. 1. He commits to writing a comprehensive report of the Conference. 2. He will deliver live updates via email, social media. 3. He will commit to holding pre-conference local member forums to discuss the important issues.

Blake Adair-Roberts

Blake has worked across the private and not-for-profit sectors gaining experience in economics, campaigns and policy. Blake was previously the National Professional Development Coordinator for Professionals Australia and Chief Financial Officer for Interns Australia.

Blake is a proud unionist with experience in workplace advocacy as an organiser for the Australian Workers Union. He will always fight to deliver for workers and knows the need for a strong industrial relations platform. He sees industrial relations as a key pillar of our policy platform going into the next election. He wants to see Australia’s unfair industrial relations laws feature as a central debate at National Conference.

Blake is passionate about education and wants to ensure a world–class education for the next generation, while also protecting those attending tertiary education from $100,000 degrees. Labor needs to ensure we are delivering the full Gonski funding model for our schools.

Blake wants to see the Labor party take key steps towards tackling Inequality. As a young person he has seen how difficult it is to buy a house in Sydney. Labor has made huge steps including addressing negative gearing, multinational tax avoidance, and holding our major banks to account, but this conference will give us an opportunity to go even further.

Blake understands the responsibility of representing your interests at National Conference and pledges to consult the membership leading into conference. Blake hopes he can count on your support.

David Hetherington

Conference presents an opportunity for ordinary rank-and-file members who’ve never been elected representatives or party officials to have a say in the Party’s highest decision-making forum.

David is a proud rank-and-file member of the Erskineville Branch, in the Party for 19 years, Branch Secretary for the last eight. As co-founder of think tank Per Capita, David contributes regularly to the national debate on inequality, fair wages and public services.

At Conference David will vote to roll back privatisations in hospitals, TAFE and electricity. He’ll vote for the new environmental watchdog promoted by LEAN. He’ll vote to end mandatory detention of refugees.
David believes the most fundamental issue facing Conference is party reform: our Party needs more democracy. He thinks the party should have direct election by the membership of Upper House candidates and Party Officials – secret ballots based on one person, one vote. The ALP rightly insists on these principles in public elections, so why don’t we practise what we preach?

Vote now and be sure he’ll do justice to your rights as members, the lifeblood of our great Party.

Michael Vaughan

National Conference is a rare opportunity for rank and file members to directly shape Labor’s agenda in government. Being a rank and file member is also about challenging Labor to be better.

Michael has have been a convenor of Rainbow Labor NSW, and last year helped set up Labor for Aid (, a campaign asking the 2018 ALP National Conference to commit to rebuild Australia’s aid program.

Being a rank and file member means pitching in. Michael has been the Secretary of Sydney Federal Electorate Council for 8 years, and Campaign Director in the federal seats of Sydney (2013) and Banks (2016). Michael is a PhD candidate and research assistant at Sydney University, studying civil society advocacy around international tax policy.

As rank and file members, Michael wants you to make the most of this year’s Conference. We have to push ahead with reforms to make our party more democratic, and pursue the domestic inequality agenda around wages growth and public education. In particular, work with activists around the country to ensure Labor’s mission to tackle inequality is as ambitious abroad as it is at home.

Peter Harley

Peter Harley is a long standing (40 year) member of the NSW Branch with an extensive involvement in policy development. From 1985 through to 2012 he was closely involved with education and skills training issues and policy development as Chair of the NSW Branch Policy Committee.

Peter is a member of the Harbord Branch and is involved with a range of projects in the Freshwater community. As a Director of Freshwater Community Bank, he has been responsible for a major tertiary scholarship program which has provided $300,000 of support to 50 local university students.

It is the only program of its kind on the Northern Beaches. This is soon to be expanded to a similar scholarship program for TAFE students and apprentices. As President of the Friends of Freshwater, Peter has also closely involved with urban planning issues.

The upcoming Federal Conference will be of major significance, coming, as it does, in the midst of State elections in Tasmania, South Australia and Victoria as well as forthcoming Federal and NSW elections in 2019. Peter hopes he can count on your support.

Fiona Seaton

Fiona asks to represent you as Warringah’s delegate to National Conference. She has been a long-time Party member and Branch Secretary in our area. She is passionate about progressive social justice which is why she have dedicated her working life to fighting for injured workers.

Fiona will fight for policies such as universal health care, a fairer tax system, quality education, more affordable early childhood education, affordable housing, supporting the trade union movement, a strong welfare safety net, robust retirement security, action on climate change, indigenous reconciliation and a more humane refugee and asylum seeker policy.

Fiona strongly supports the democratisation of our party, a greater say for members and increased women’s participation. She is thrilled that you have the chance to vote to determine who will represent you at this National Conference. She will fight for you to have that same right to vote for who represents you at NSW Labor Conference. She believes you should also have a say on Labor’s candidates for the Senate and Legislative Council.

If elected Fiona will be your voice at National Conference for progressive policies, Party reform and your right to have your voice heard at all levels of our Party.

Dean Harris

Dean is a 49 year-old, father of two who has lived in the Warringah electorate for 10 years. Dean runs a successful social and market research consultancy. He has worked in research roles in the public and private sector. He currently has the honour of serving as Secretary and Treasurer of the Warringah FEC and President of the Mosman Branch.

Dean joined the ALP in 2014, abhorred by the politics and the policies of the newly elected Abbott Government.

His aspiration, as an active party member, is to bring new thinking to the development of ALP policies and ensure that when the party forms Government, that it behaves in a professional, dignified manner and is true to Labor values of prosperity through the pursuit of equity and fairness for all citizens.

At the 2018 National Conference, Dean hopes to represent the views of party members in Warringah on important issues of increased education funding, effective climate & environment policy, the humane treatment of refugees, fair taxation and further democratisation of the party.

Nizza Siano

If elected, Nizza would like to take the opportunity to vote for progressive policies. With 40 years ALP membership, Nizza has taken on leadership roles because she wants to motivate members to become more active and for our community to vote Labor. She has faith in our rank and file members who she believes will support policies that reflect the Party’s social justice principles. Nizza holds the following ALP positions:
• Secretary Double Bay/Bellevue Hill Branch
• Senior VP Wentworth FEC
• President Vaucluse SEC
• Secretary Woollahra LGC
• National/NSW Secretary of Labor for Refugees.

Nizza was Lead organiser in the Finance Sector Union for 20 years, coming up through membership ranks as a bank officer active in the Equal Pay campaign in the Whitlam era.

Nizza feels passionately about:
• Refugees and people seeking asylum
• Workers’ rights
• Pay equity for women
• Legislating for assisted dying
• Closing the Gap
• Aged care
• The Arts/ABC
• Emily’s List
• Rainbow Labor.

She’s the Secretary of Eastern Suburbs ABC Friends, a feminist and long-time member of Women’s Electoral Lobby and Women’s Action Abortion Campaign.

Nizza believes Labor must reform its refugee policy by working together with our regional neighbours, to welcome refugees and people seeking asylum.

George Newhouse

Please note that the candidate did not provide a biography or photo at the time of publication.