Brendan Whitehouse - Campbelltown Preselection

Website-BW.jpgAs a proud resident of the Macarthur region for over twelve years, I would be honoured to represent the electorate of Campbelltown for the Australian Labor Party. I am enthusiastic about the positive impact I will have on the Macarthur region and I want to make a stronger contribution to the great Labor movement.

I currently work as an Enrolled Nurse in Camden with experience across many fields. I grew up in the Macarthur area and in 2011 I moved to Bradbury with my fiancé Sofia, a local school teacher. I decided to resettle here so I could raise my children in the area that I remember well from my childhood.

However, the electorate of Campbelltown is under threat by the O’Farrell Government. They have let the people of our local community down through what I call O’Farrell’s Five Failures - Education, Healthcare, Transport, Law and Order and the Environment. If elected as the member for Campbelltown, I promise to fight for changes in these areas.

I am very passionate about fighting for these necessary changes in the electorate of Campbelltown. I believe that all residents of our community deserve more from our State Government, and I will fight with all that I have to ensure that this will happen.

If you believe in these causes as much as I do and want to see this much needed change, then vote 1 for Brendan Whitehouse in Campbelltown’s First Community Preselection. Together with your help and your contribution we can start to Fix O’Farrell’s Failures and get to work to make a better Campbelltown, for now and for the future.

For more information please contact me at 0497 541 753 or